My name is Jackson Lohr, and I am an athletic trainer and performance coach focused on pre-professional and serious pre-collegiate athletes, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitative exercise. I am qualified to offer nutrition advice that will compliment your personalized program and improve your results.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Athletic Training from Messiah College and a Masters of Science in Strength and Conditioning from Liberty University. I am also a certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and am certified in RPR level 2. 

As a former student and athlete myself, I am dedicated to working with young athletes to measurably improve their sports performance, meet their individual goals, and further their athletic careers. I do this by offering individualized instructions and workout plans that can be accomplished with minimal resources, such as without access to professional gym equipment. My programming supports and supplements traditional coaching and instruction by focusing on the athlete’s overall health and taking a wholistic approach to improved performance as well as injury prevention and reduced pain, increasing the longevity of their athletic career.

Athletic trainer and personal sports performance coach

About Jackson

I am originally from a small town near Charlottesville, Virginia and recently moved to Lynchburg, Virginia with my new wife Courtney, who is a special education instructor. Growing up, I played sports all year round, including soccer, basketball, and baseball. During college, I had the opportunity to continue playing soccer through Messiah’s club soccer program. Throughout my Master’s program, I had the privilege to work with Liberty Athletics by serving as the athletic trainer for the LU Flames Hockey team. Hockey is a very long season and is particularly rough on the body, which has been both a challenge and a thrill to work through. What I enjoy most of all is seeing our athletes succeed when all our hard work–the coaches instruction, our training programs, the athlete’s discipline and practice–comes together and clicks. There’s nothing better!

I offer services primarily for Highschool, Collegiate, Recreational, and Professional athletes with particular performance goals in mind. Additionally, I do offer injury rehabilitation assistance, injury prevention programs (which include things like pain reduction), and accompanying nutrition plans. My services can be available anywhere via zoom/virtual instruction, or in person in the Lynchburg, VA area. 

I have worked with high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate athletes in sports such as soccer, hockey, softball, swimming, and disc golf, among others.  I love this hands-on experience to work with serious, dedicated athletes. 


I wear a bandana whenever I train. So, you can reach me from now on at Think I should get some logo bandanas for clients?


My favorite sport to play to have fun and stay in shape is basketball. However, I am way better at soccer! I played both throughout school, but I would never claim to be a good basketball player.


Fun Facts

I went from having knee pain squatting less than 100 pounds to being able to squat 225 for a one rep max with no pain! He worked with me to improve my mobility and the training not only met my goals for squat, but also improved my overall strength.

He also worked with my very limited home gym setup. I dont have a whole lot of equipment, but the program that Jackson made fit with what I had.

He knows what he is doing so much better than other coaches and trainers I have had in the past. I would definitely advise anyone looking for an athletic trainer to contact LSP [Lohr Sports Performance].

Clients are saying...

“Jackson is an incredible trainer. The training not only met my goals, but also improved my overall strength.” – Jeremy Hardigree

Schedule your free consultation with me to discuss your needs, exercise/health history, and preferred mode of exercise.

How do I get started?

I am an LAT (Licensed Athletic Trainer), ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), RPR 1 (Reflexive Performance Specialist Level 1), hold a BA in Athletic Training, and am near finishing my Master of Science in Human Performance and CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Many of these qualifications require board exams, clinical hours, continuing education, and ongoing research requirements.

What are your qualifications?

I coach all types of people: whether you are an athlete who is looking to get a competitive edge, or someone who just is looking to make a small lifestyle change.

What kinds of people do you coach?

I can coach you from anywhere. If you want to be in-person, online, or a hybrid of the two, we can work with whatever your schedule allows for. 

Can you coach me remotely, or only in-person?

This depends on you, your goals, and your preferred means of exercise, all of which can lead to a wide variety of exercises that will be helpful to you.

What kinds of exercise will we be doing?

None. Even if you don't have access to a gym, all you need is some free space. Most Goals can be achieved without much equipment. 

What equipment do I need?


• Complete access to me for questions, clarification, and motivation through the Trainheroic training app platform with me as your coach
• As many days of exercise programming you want in a four-week span
• A coach who is committed to making sure you achieve your goals and maintain your long-term health

What will I get if I subscribe to a month of training with you?

• This depends on you: if you have already been working out and exercising consistently, you will likely not see significant results for at least 6-8 weeks.
• For someone just starting exercise after a long time, these results will come in waves: first wave could come within the first week or two of beginning to exercise regularly, and the next waves will come gradually, starting around the 6-8week point.
• Again, this depends on what your goals are. The key with results is to be patient and consistent.

When can I expect results?